Our History

Dennis WillowsKD Benches was started by Mr Dennis Willows in 1993 when he retired from full time employment at the age of 65. This was at Whittlesey near Peterborough.

He was responding to requests from his friends and fellow members of the local classic bike club to build some motorcycle benches for them as they were all 'Knocking on a bit to be sitting on the floor'.

Their request was for a bench that was hydraulic in operation and not of the winch variety. He duly came up with the basic design you see today. The early versions did not have the safety frame that the current bench has, this was not introduced until 1995.

Peter WebsterPeter Webster was the second owner of KD Benches. He purchased a bench from Dennis to renovate a Honda VFR750 crash victim and made a remark to him that he would be interested in the business if he ever wanted to sell it. After a couple of months Dennis decided to sell him the business, as at 77 years of age he should be looking for something lighter.

Not retiring, just something lighter !!! Peter relocated the business to Halifax in West Yorkshire where he worked from a large open plan unit which makes the work flow easy and safe with room for expansion.

In September 2008 KD Benches was purchased by A L Gordon Engineering LTD in central Scotland. You can read more about A L Gordon's commitment to KD Benches on the About Us page or you can visit A L Gordon's website.

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