At KD Benches, we understand that buying a motorcycle lift is a large investment for most bike owners. Subsequently, we receive a lot of enquires about our products. As we are often asked the similar questions, we have compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed below, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Q. What's the maximum bench weight capacity? A. 300kg if free standing, up to 450kg's if securely bolted to the floor.

Q. What if I have a heavier bike? A. A Heavy Duty bench available at extra cost, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Q. What hydraulic jack is used? A. Clarke 3 ton trolley jack.

Q. How much does the bench weigh? A. 85 kg standard bench, 95kg Custom bench

Q. Does the bench come with wheels? A. Yes we fit Castor to the front of the bench for moving about the work shop or garage, we recommend that you do no move when loaded with bike or when in the upright position

Q. Does the bench come painted? A. All our benches come powder coated in blue or red. Other colours available at an additional cost.

Q. Why is the top thick plywood and not metal? A. Wood is much lighter, allows better grip for stands, is less slippery when loading your bike on and is generally kinder to whatever is placed upon it, when you're working on your bike.

Q. Can my 190 section rear wheel be removed with the rear plate removed? A. Yes, the removable table section can easily allow for 190 and bigger tyres.

Q. Does the bench come with a recognised safety rating? A. It will in the future. The bench has been thoroughly tested with over 300kg with complete safety and the product has been on the market successfully for over 12 years.

Q. Is the hydraulic jack included? A. Absolutely!

Q. Is the ramp removable? A. Yes, with just one screw too. This allows you to easily detach what becomes a large, heavy and sharp edged object hung in mid air, when the lift is raised. Much more convenient!

Q. What colours can I have? A. Any plain basic colour as an optional extra, if you prefer not to have the standard blue or red.

Q. I live close by, can I come and see a bench before I buy? A. Of course, just telephone before you come to let us know.

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